As a photographer…

..or unsatisfied, or semi-professional, or fill-in-the-label photographer, I often look at my photos and I do see the world around me.  I see what I am interested in recording. I see the things I want others to see, things that I saw.  Sometimes those images are works of art, the art of nature for instance.  But the art we must create, that burns deep down inside to get out, is for me often not the art that happens all around me.  It is instead, like a design inside of us, an idea that needs expression.  I might search every day to find a naturally occurring image to record that expresses that idea.  But if I wait for that image to unfold before me by chance of place and time, wait for it to happen, that image may never be made.

So one thing for you…  if you are like me… and you have these ideas inside, maybe the best thing we can do is to make enough of a studio space with whatever we can muster to bring forth and create the raw idea with light, and color, and media.  Whether with canvas, camera, metal or clay, the artist should act and not wait.  My camera is in this room; there is light and color in this room; don’t wait.  At the moment you conceive the work, practice the art.  This is why the photographer constantly carries the camera.  [jk]

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