Design form & function

Growing up “tuned in” to performance cars.  I routinely read Road & Track and Autoweek among other magazines.  I learned early from the gearhead (complementary term for us) columnists and reporters that form follows function.  Later in life I finished my Design education.  For me, a new picture of design emerged.  It’s not so much that form or function follow the other.  Good design happens when form and function get married and become as one.  Good design is the result of that marriage.  So in the words of my Design professors perhaps we could say form and function inform each other.

At motographic we seek out designs that follow this notion that form and function agree.  We write short posts to call attention to designs that follow or break this convention.  The posts are the opinions of our three editors.  Those editors come from three entirely different backgrounds.  So sometimes there is agreement and sometimes disagreement.  Hopefully readers will find these writings informative and amusing.  [jk]

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